Recommended Links

History News Network: This a great site for history lovers. It is supported and maintained by the Center for History and News Media at George Mason University. Historians and others contribute interesting articles that are often relevant to current events. There are also book reviews and other great resources.

History of Old The author of this blog (J.J.) has not posted since 2012 but there are some great stories from the past archived there.

BBC History Great resources on a wide range of history subjects.

U.S. History Blog This blog contains book reviews, comments on US history documentaries, and comments on all topics related to US history.

SCOTUS Blog This blog has lots of resources for anyone interested in the Supreme Court and constitutional law.

Philosophy Blog On this blog Brian Leiter posts interesting stories and information related to philosophy, the humanities, and academia.

Science blog Great blog that covers a wide range of topics in the sciences.

Philosophy of Science blog Scientia Salon promotes itself as “an online magazine that looks like a blog.” They have great in-depth articles related to science and philosophy.

Debunking David BartonDavid Barton is an evangelical minister masquerading as a historian. This site is devoted to debunking his distortions and right out fabrications of history to support his claim that this a Christian nation.

Americans United for the separation of Church and State: Great resource for those who are concerned about the separation of church and state. You can find information on current and past court cases. You can take action by submitting information on potential unconstitutional mixing of church and state and/or writing to your representatives.

Americans United for the Seperation of Church and State of Greater Phoenix: The local chapter of AU in Phoenix.




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