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Another great book review for Lori Eshleman’s Pachacuti. If you love history or historical fiction you’ll love this novel. “It is an engaging read solidly grounded in historical authenticity and animated by expert storytelling.”

Source: Pachacuti: World Overturned | ASU Magazine

Book Review: Pachacuti: World Overturned

The San Fransisco Book Review offers a compelling review of Lori Eshleman’s Pachacuti. Jason Lang writes: “Pachacuti is a gloriously written book that brings the mix of cultures in a small city in the heart of South America alive. Marvelously detailed, with characters that are endlessly torn between their people, their pasts, and their obligations. It is perfect reading for a long, slow rainy day, where you can take your time and revel in the texture and color that has been set out for you.”

I highly recommend it, especially if you like historical fiction.

Pachacuti World Overturned



Saving Alan Turing from His Friends by Christian Caryl | The New York Review of Books

Should we expect accuracy from movies based on real historical events? I am conflicted on this question. On the one hand, I love great historical fiction (on screen and off) and I expect a great story even if the real events were not as spicy. On the other hand I know that it is through movies that most Americans get their history. But where I definitely draw the line is when dramatic license turns into irresponsible distortion. In this category I put movies like JFK and docudramas like The Sons of Liberty. On The Imitation Game I’m torn.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing

Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing

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