“Coming to Terms on Japan’s Wartime Sex Slaves” – The New York Times

“Prime Minister Abe now says he is genuinely sorry for Japan’s terrible abuse of South Korea’s “comfort women” before and during World War II.” This is a surprising, but great turn of events! Abe surely didn’t do it for the right reasons, but at least he did it!

Source: Coming to Terms on Japan’s Wartime Sex Slaves – The New York Times

“Long Journey Home: A Moment of Japan-Korea Remembrance and Reconciliation” | The Asia-Pacific Journal

Finally some good news in Japanese-Korean relations!

“The most important participants in this journey are not the living, but the dead: the bones of 115 Koreans brought to Japan as labourers during the Asia-Pacific War will be carried along the route, with ceremonies of remembrance along the way, to their final resting place in Korea. The itinerary they will trace in September follows, in reverse, the route they travelled in trucks and boats and trains when they were taken to remote mines and construction sites in wartime Japan, unaware that they would never see their homes or families again. More than seventy years on, they are at last going home.”

Source: Long Journey Home: A Moment of Japan-Korea Remembrance and Reconciliation | The Asia-Pacific Journal