“Justice Thomas Needs a Lesson in the History of the 2nd Amendment” | History News Network

“The overall point to be made is the Seventh Circuit did not relegate the Second Amendment to a “second-class right” as Justice Thomas claims. History refutes such a conclusion. The fact of the matter is the modern perception of the Second Amendment as guaranteeing broad firearm rights in both public and private is just that—modern.”

Source: History News Network | Justice Thomas Needs a Lesson in the History of the 2nd Amendment

Are the Supreme Court Justices Roberts, Scalia, Alito, and Thomas Qualified to be Justices?

Alan J. Singer says “no.” In an interview at Education News, Singer told Michael F. Shaughnessy that these four should never have been elected Supreme Court Justices  “because Justices swear an oath to defend the United States Constitution as the first law of the land…In decision after decision they placed ideology and personal values above the Constitution and the law. They decided corporations have the same rights as people and then defended the rights of the world’s wealthiest companies over the rights of ordinary people, are still considering undermining a national health insurance plan, and denounce crime and violence while ensuring the maximum distribution of deadly weapons. However they eventually decide on the same-sex marriage issue, I do not trust them.” Neither do I! Read the entire interview here:

Alan J. Singer: Comments about the Supreme Court Justices Comments | Education News.

Alito, Thomas, Roberts, Kennedy, and Scalia

Alito, Thomas, Roberts, Kennedy, and Scalia