“This is What Is Still Holding Us Back from the Creation of a Fair Society” | History News Network


“Despite five decades of considerable progress, the ghosts of Samuel Morton, Arthur de Gobineau, and Frederick Hoffman continue to influence American society in its language, policies, and relative indifference to the sordid effects of racism.  It is time for all Americans to wake up to the Revolution: “All men [and women] are created equal” and all lives must matter equally. ”

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“Alas, Eleanor Roosevelt Remains All-Too Relevant to Our Politics” | History News Network

Brigid O’Farrell makes a great case for putting Eleanor Roosevelt’s picture on the ten-dollar bill. I think she’s a great choice! She did so much to bend the arc of history towards justice. And as O’Farrell points out she remains very relevant today. But I think there are equally good reasons for putting Susan B. Anthony or Rosa Parks, as some have proposed, on the ten-dollar bill. I would be happy with any of them!

Read O’Farrell’s entire proposal here: History News Network | Alas, Eleanor Roosevelt Remains All-Too Relevant to Our Politics

The Massacre at Srebrenica: What Does the Situation Look Like Almost Twenty Years Later?

It had been a long time since I had thought about Srebrenica or the war in Bosnia, so when I saw Scott Anderson’s article in The New York Times Magazine (“Life in the Valley of Death”) this past weekend I was hoping for an optimistic update. I should have known better. It is difficult to heal from such traumatic events. The war in Bosnia had been raging since 1992 and the Bosniak refugees in the so-called UN protected “safe area” of Srebrenica were war weary, homeless, and hungry long before Ratko Mladic and his Bosnian Serb army showed up in July 1995. The massacre of 8,000 men at Srebrenica that followed was the beginning of the end of the Serbian campaign of ethnic cleansing. The elimination of the Muslim island in the Serbian sea opened the way for the peace talks at Dayton, Ohio that November. Continue reading