“Justice Thomas Needs a Lesson in the History of the 2nd Amendment” | History News Network

“The overall point to be made is the Seventh Circuit did not relegate the Second Amendment to a “second-class right” as Justice Thomas claims. History refutes such a conclusion. The fact of the matter is the modern perception of the Second Amendment as guaranteeing broad firearm rights in both public and private is just that—modern.”

Source: History News Network | Justice Thomas Needs a Lesson in the History of the 2nd Amendment

The Historian Alan E. Steinweis Dismantles Ben Carson’s Absurd and Insulting Claim about Guns and the Holocaust

“The Republican presidential candidate’s statements about weapons and Germany trivialize history.” Read Steinweis’s incisive critique here:  Ben Carson Is Wrong on Guns and the Holocaust – The New York Times

Doug Chayka, The New York Times

Doug Chayka, The New York Times

“How Gun Control Came to Britain” | History News Network

The historian Luke Reader offers hope for a path to gun control through the British example. He recognizes that in Britain “there has never been a domestic gun culture. Nor has there ever been a right to bear arms [there hasn’t been here either until the Supreme Court declared (falsely) that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to bear arms],” but he points out that it’s possible to change the momentum in favor of gun control through popular movements.
He’s right. Even if it looks bleak at the moment, we have to keep trying. We majority of Americans support gun control. So we have the power to defeat the NRA; what we’re missing is the will.

Read the entire article here: History News Network | How Gun Control Came to Britain


“The Second Amendment Con Job” | History News Network

The historian Gregory J. W. Urwin debunks some of the self-serving Second Amendment narrative perpetuated by the NRA.  Urwin’s essay is insufficient, but I applaud his effort. We need more historians pushing back against the seriously flawed and deadly NRA interpretation of the Second Amendment. The stakes are too high for them to remain on the sidelines.
Read Urwin’s brief overview of the history of the Second Amendment here: History News Network | The Second Amendment Con Job.

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