History News Network | “So Help Me God” and the Presidential Oath

In an article at the History News Network David B. Parker debunks the “so help me God” myth. He notes that it was created “[t]o shore up our Godly credentials.” And this is only one of the Cold War inventions to shore up our religious bona fides in our battle with the godless Soviet Union. “It joined “one nation, under God” and “In God we trust” to create a trinity of Cold War religious phrases. And like several other legacies of our Cold War heritage, this one has stuck with us.”

History News Network | “So Help Me God” and the Presidential Oath.


Is Obama’s Pending Executive Order on Immigration Impeachable?

Two articles published today argue that Obama’s pending Executive Order on immigration is no different than what previous presidents have done:

“If Obama Faces Impeachment over Immigration, Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy Should Have as Well” by John Dickson at the History News Network.

“Reagan, Bush Also Acted Without Congress To Shield Immigrants From Deportation,” by Andrew Taylor at the Huffington Post.