The Guardian: Why Payment by Results Is “Dangerous Idiocy”

This is a great article from The Guardian explaining why payment for results in education is a bad idea and should be rejected. Thanks for posting this Diane!

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The Guardian of London has an excellent article that explains why payment by results always fails. The article is based on a study that the article links to.

Two examples of payment by results in the current “education reform” strategy that is promoted by the Obama administration: basing teacher evaluation on test scores and merit pay.

The article calls payment by results in “dangerous idiocy” and explains why:

“Payment by results is a simple idea: people and organisations should only get paid for what they deliver. Who could argue with that? If your job is to get people back to work, then find them a job dammit.

“Plenty of people working in local government and public services are already starting to realise this is nonsense, and a pernicious, damaging nonsense at that. The evidence is very clear: if you pay (or otherwise manage performance) based on a set of pre-defined…

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One thought on “The Guardian: Why Payment by Results Is “Dangerous Idiocy”

  1. I thought this was about paying students for achieving results. Some guy in NJ, I believe, tried that experiment. Paying students to get good grades or paying parents to get their kids to school everyday.


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