A Beautiful Story from an Unexpected Place: Srebrenica

“Srebrenica is famous for the massacre. But it’s time to move on and make a beautiful, inspiring story.” Ismar Poric, the choirmaster of Suprar

With all the violence in the Middle East and Africa a story from Srebrenica is hopeful. Talk about irony!

A group of children from Srebrenica (both Bosnian Serbs and Bosniaks) created a song (Love People) to raise money for the recent flood victims. The choirmaster, Ismar Poric, sees this as more than an opportunity to help the flood victims but also as an opportunity to heal the past. “In one way, the country is poisoned by nationalism – but the children are not. Their parents were in the war and told them stories. But we try to bring them together – put different ethnic groups together so they can learn about each other.”

Read the entire story at the BBC (“Srebrenica children seek harmony in music” By Guy De Launey)

 Children's choir in Srebrenica raising money for flood victims

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