History News Network | Why It’s Time for a New Wave of Constitutional Amendments

David O. Stewart rather than advocating a new constitution recommends a “new wave” of amendments to fix some of our current political woes. Here are some of his recommended amendments:
1) an amendment that would “require that House districts have compact, regular shapes that respect city and county lines, without regard to residences of incumbents.”
2) an amendment that would “restore to Congress and state legislatures the power to limit campaign spending.”
3) “An amendment should provide that the president shall be the candidate who wins a popular majority.”
4) “A constitutional amendment should establish that a citizen’s right to vote shall not be abridged unless that person is incarcerated for a crime.”
I think this is a great start! What do you think?

History News Network | Why It’s Time for a New Wave of Constitutional Amendments.

Madison's Gift Stewart

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