Stop Revering Magna Carta –

“Magna Carta has everything going for it to be venerated in the United States: It is old, it is English and, because no one has actually read the text, it is easy to invoke to fit current needs.” So true!

Read Tom Ginsburg’s argument de-mythologizing the famous document:

Stop Revering Magna Carta –

King John at Runnymede (1215) signing the Magna Carta

King John at Runnymede (1215) signing the Magna Carta

7 thoughts on “Stop Revering Magna Carta –

  1. An interesting question about the Great Charter is whether, by empowering the nobles, it helped set up conditions that eventually led to the Wars of the Roses a couple centuries later. It would be hard to argue this directly, yet it does look like it set a precedent whereby nobles could repeatedly ask for and get concessions from the crown and, in general, keep property in their families longer, away from reversions.


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