NOVA: “Secrets of Noah’s Ark”

If you haven’t already watched NOVA’s “Secrets of Noah’s Ark” I would recommend doing so. NOVA is always great, but if you’re interesting in the connection between the Sumerian/Babylonian flood myths and the Biblical flood myth you’ll find this fascinating. I don’t want to give away any details so here’s the link to NOVA (PBS):

Noah's Ark NOVA

4 thoughts on “NOVA: “Secrets of Noah’s Ark”

  1. oh I watched this and thought it was really good! there is also something similar on the history channel that explains this, and I learned in my humanties class the Noah’s story was actually told in ancient Mesopotamia but had a different name and the story was a tad different but still very similar


    • Yes, its the epic of Gilgamesh. My students compare the two flood stories in my Global history course. The similarities between the two are very interesting. Thanks for the response!

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      • right it is very interesting and what i find very fascinating is how many bible stories started in some form or other in ancient history, way before the bible was ever supposedly established, very thought inducing information =) and I LOVE THE STORY OF GILGAMESH , so sad he lost his best friend and spent his life in search of immortality instead of living it why he had the chance to the fullest, I also the story of oedipus


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