“Ted Cruz’s Phony Supreme Court ‘Tradition'” | History News Network

A history lesson for Cruz (not that the facts matter to him!): History News Network | Ted Cruz’s Phony Supreme Court “Tradition”

Mark Byrnes points out: “This tactic may well work politically. It has already had the effect of framing the debate as “Should Obama nominate someone?” That is truly extraordinary. The actual question should be “Should the Senate confirm Obama’s nominee?” That’s a legitimate debate, but it would put the focus on the nominee and that person’s qualifications. By hiding behind this phony “tradition,” Republicans are trying to avoid having to show that a given nominee should be rejected on the merits. In short, they don’t want to take responsibility for rejecting someone who—in all likelihood—will be eminently qualified for the job. That’s not statesmanship. It’s cowardice. – See more at: http://historynewsnetwork.org/blog/153732#sthash.cLVnCGsR.dpuf

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