“Croatia’s Far Right Weaponizes the Past” | Foreign Policy

Unbelievable! How can Croats think that this is a good idea? Weren’t the first two times bad enough? This is also likely to provoke an equally nationalistic response from Serbia, which then will further provoke Croats leading to an ever-increasing radical nationalism. Let’s hope the story doesn’t end like it

“The EU’s newest member, Croatia, has an unabashed and strong-willed fascist in its new cabinet — one who makes the right-wingers in power in Hungary and Poland look like wimps.”

Source: Croatia’s Far Right Weaponizes the Past | Foreign Policy

One thought on ““Croatia’s Far Right Weaponizes the Past” | Foreign Policy

  1. Sir, you really do have a very poor insight of what is happening in my country , or you run some personal agenda to turn a public opinon against Croatia. You should be informed much better, and not judge anybody before hearing his position. People from Croatia’s public area, whose opinion are given here, like Zakosek and Puhovski are from far left and not happy about their parties stepping form power, after bring us in large economy trouble. It would need a lot of time and space to comment all fact distortions given in the text. They are not just about Croatia, it reffers also to Poland and Hungary. In such sensitive matter it needs just a slight change or adaption of some fact to show a copmplete different picture. Hope mr. Hasanbegovich will be allowed to have his say on your site, if not some government body.Just to say, a cap he wore was not ustahi one, it belonged to some army units of homeland war, and had not ustashi insignia, it was a legal one. A slogan ‘For the Homeland Ready’ is not a version of ‘Zieg Heil’, it comes from Croatian past, and was used by ustashi government. I am living here and can’t say for any harassments on Serbs on the streets, that you mention. Could you say one beside a kind that ordinary happens at any community? Our public television, on the contrary is much more left inclined than to haveing some ‘starkly national slants’, although some would like it, of course. But such minor groups egzists everywhere. Here they are taken as a reason to label whole the government, mostly by oposition.
    The truth about nazi camps here are undeniable, but it was also used by communist forces after the war to kill antiregime forces and patriots. Not to mentions a hundreds of thousands of prisoners killed without process after they surrendered, which was a huge war crime, which is still not processed on the court. It is mainly the reason that pro comunist oposition now dislike the documentarian like Sedlar’s ‘Truth’. Article mentions courruption here, but many of that was made under protection of former government, and more denials of human and reporters rights as well as money machination were commited at public television, and still any of those minor groups, now promoting their worriness for ‘radicalism’ were not interested in. Now they are unhappy about being cut for some funds. Another thing, when one judge the present policy at Hungary and Poland, he should bear in mind general dissatisfaction with too liberal policy of EU institutions, and pushing out nations souveregnity, being replaced with corporations controll. In that way it is a logical reaction and is more democratic than a present system. So this makes some other view of present situation here.


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