History News Network | On President’s Day Let’s Remember Lincoln for This

James Tuten writes: “Candidate Ben Carson pointed out in a debate that the comments section for online articles revel in mean-spiritedness. I agree with him. They inevitably disappoint me, make me cringe, even anger me. It is clear that many people do not begin to read pieces in a fair or open way. They have an opinion of the writer, the publisher, the topic or at least boxes to put them in and toward which they direct disdain, rage or worse, genuine hatred. Abraham Lincoln had the temperament to make it a practice to behave differently. Not always, but frequently he practiced mercy.”

I can’t think of a better way to honor Lincoln, and to hopefully inspire the rest of us to be more charitably toward others, particularly online!  It would make us better as individuals and the world a better place for all of us.


Source: History News Network | On President’s Day Let’s Remember Lincoln for This

“The”Two Obstacles Ministers Had to Overcome Before They Could Turn Lincoln into a Saint” | History News Network

According to the historian Gary Scott Smithis the two obstacles to making Lincoln a saint were: “first, that he was fatally shot in a theater, an embarrassingly unsanctified place for a savior during the Victorian era. The clergy rationalized his attendance at Ford Theater, arguing that he had gone reluctantly to please his wife and gratify others. The second, larger difficulty these pastors encountered was that Lincoln had never explicitly testified to his faith in Christ. While some pastors bitterly regretted that he did not publicly profess faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord, others countered that his actions demonstrated his faith or that he had accepted Christ as his savior in response to his son Willie’s death in 1862, or at Gettysburg in 1863, or at some other unknown time.” For further examination of Lincoln’s religious sentiments and the difficulties in making him an American saint read the entire article:

History News Network | The Two Obstacles Ministers Had to Overcome Before They Could Turn Lincoln into a Saint.


Rick Perry’s Wrong About Lincoln – Josh Zeitz – POLITICO Magazine

The historian Josh Zeitz takes Rick Perry to task over his claim that Lincoln loved the tenth amendment that limits the powers of the federal government. He even manages to get in a jab at the Texas Board of Education: “Maybe Rick Perry spent too much time reading from those widely disputed history and government standards that the Texas Board of Education, in its infinite wisdom, foisted on textbook publishers. Whatever the cause, he’s confusing Abraham Lincoln—erstwhile Whig and promoter of a strong central government—for a strict Tenth Amendment devotee. That, he certainly was not.”

Rick Perry’s Wrong About Lincoln – Josh Zeitz – POLITICO Magazine.

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