“Like Prohibition, the fight over guns is about something else” – LA Times

Jonathan Zimmerman puts forward an interesting claim about the fight over guns. He argues that it’s not about guns or “safety,” it’s about “victory.” Just as the prohibition movement wasn’t about drinking, Zimmerman asserts, the same holds true in the current fight over guns. “Even if alcohol prohibition could never make America ‘dry,’ it made its adherents feel as if the country was still theirs.”

While this surely plays a role in the battle over guns, I’m not convinced that it is not really about “safety,” at least for gun control advocates. There have been way too many gun-related deaths.

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Right Versus Left: Culture Wars, Past and Present |History News Network

Walter G. Moss lays out the different approaches that both the left and right take on the subject of morality. He mildly scolds both for their different failings on this subject: ” Neither dogmatic conservatism nor just spouting half-baked progressive platitudes serve our country well.” While I agree that we all need to take morality more seriously, the real difficulty is that liberals and conservatives completely disagree on the sources and meanings of morality.  To add to the difficulty is the misunderstandings concerning “relativism” from both left and right. But that will have to be a subject for another day.

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History News Network | Right Versus Left: Culture Wars, Past and Present.

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