“Anti-Gay, Pro-Creationism Birther Could Change America’s Textbooks” – The Daily Beast

Mary Lou Bruner, who is likely to win a seat on the Texas School Board, “believes the Civil War was not caused by slavery, Barack Obama is a former gay Arab prostitute, and gays are abominations.” Her views get even crazier (see article)!

First: Where do they find these people?!!

Second: This is further evidence that school boards should not have any say concerning school curriculum or textbooks!

Read the entire article here: Anti-Gay, Pro-Creationism Birther Could Change America’s Textbooks – The Daily Beast

Rick Perry’s Wrong About Lincoln – Josh Zeitz – POLITICO Magazine

The historian Josh Zeitz takes Rick Perry to task over his claim that Lincoln loved the tenth amendment that limits the powers of the federal government. He even manages to get in a jab at the Texas Board of Education: “Maybe Rick Perry spent too much time reading from those widely disputed history and government standards that the Texas Board of Education, in its infinite wisdom, foisted on textbook publishers. Whatever the cause, he’s confusing Abraham Lincoln—erstwhile Whig and promoter of a strong central government—for a strict Tenth Amendment devotee. That, he certainly was not.”

Rick Perry’s Wrong About Lincoln – Josh Zeitz – POLITICO Magazine.

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